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Merry and Pippin

Well I suppose I should explain the reason why Merry and Pippin comes into this site, Why would it relate to Bulgaria. The reason only becomes apparent if I can explain a bit of background to.

 At first I wanted to join the many of Brits who have bought an investment or holiday home or place to retire in Spain or France .

 After a few years of trying to find our ideal spot and finding out that we couldn't really afford anywhere in Spain and not finding the place in France that pushed all the right buttons , I finally came across Bulgaria, checked it out on the internet and found some fantastic properties at tiny prices


 So a few emails went back and forth to various estate Agents, one who finally caught my trust and attention, and a holiday to Bulgaria was arranged.

 I had been speaking to Anna from Estate Agent in Varna, she was very open  friendly and Honest


 We finally arrived at the office and after 3 days of looking at properties we decided on a small bungalow on a double plot in Obrochishte, about 30 Km north of Varna and only 3 Km from Albena beach.










      Albena Beach

     Probably the nicest of bulgarian resorts





The village of Obrochishte is home to people and families from Bulgaria and other nationalities, mainly from the UK




          The sea capital of Bulgaria