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Merry and Pippin (Cont)

It was at this point that we had to form a company. (Bulgarian law states that foreigners cannot own land in Bulgaria, but a company can. As you own the company you own the land, so there is no problem). Trying, without much success on deciding on a name, we finally came up with Middle Earth (varna )

OK so you are now seeing some sort of link to Merry and Pippin.

 I wanted to buy the url "middle Earth" dot something, but all were taken, so were many others relating to the Lord of the Rings, So Merry and Pippin it was. Only the site who hosts my site does not upload these pages so I have put them on this site.


      Map of the Black sea coast

The next stop is to modernise

Many Bulgarian properties are in need of updating, not so if you are buying new, as some standards are very high, but some of the older properties have the toilets outside in a separate building

Mine fortunately has an inside loo,  bathroom and separate shower, but still in need of updating. As labour is very cheap compared to UK prices repairs or renovation is not too expensive

You can build a decent size house for 60,000 euros, thats under 41,000 and thats fully fitted out

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